Shopping & Entertainment Centers

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EFOR GROUP provides contracting services in engineering, designing and installation of electrical and mechanical systems in shopping centers, entertainment & recreation facilities.

Company performs “turnkey” contracts developing specific designs corresponding to particular needs and brand concepts of separate areas like stores, cafes, restaurants, play yards and food courts located in such centers.

Electrical Systems
• MV/HV/ELV Networks, Power Distribution Systems
• Energy Automation SCADA & Tariffication Systems
• Uninterrupted Power Supply
• Controlled Lighting Systems
• Building Management System (BMS)
• Fire Detection & Fighting Systems
• Integrated Emergency Evacuation Systems
• Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) & IPTV Systems
• Telecommunication Systems (TCS)
• Public Announcement and Clock Systems
• IP CCTV Systems
• Pass Card Systems, Integrated Elevator Systems
• Turnstile and Barrier Systems
• Decorative Lighting, Facade Lighting
• Electrical Heating Systems (floor heating, roof, duct, ramp and access roads; pipe freeze protection)
• Anti-terror and Security Systems (Road Blocker, Mushroom Barriers , Gate Control, X-ray etc.)
• Illuminated Signs, Advertising Panels, Interactive Screens

Mechanical Systems
• HVAC Systems
• Heating
• Ventilation
• Water Cooling
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Plumbing
• Chilled Water Systems
• Sewerage Systems
• Storm Water Sewerage System
• Fire Prevention Systems
• Automatic Sprinkler Systems
• Fire Cabinet Systems
• Treatment Systems