Multifunctional Buildings

Moscow, Izmailovo at evening

EFOR GROUP is one of the leading contracting companies offering services in engineering, designing and installation of electrical and mechanical systems in residential & tower buildings, business centers, hotels etc. and complexes consisting any of them.

Electrical Systems
• MV/HV/ELV Networks, Power Distribution Systems
• Uninterrupted Power Supply
• Controlled Lighting Systems
• Building Management System (BMS)
• Fire Detection & Fighting Systems
• Integrated Emergency Evacuation Systems
• Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) & IPTV Systems
• Telecommunication Systems (TCS)
• Public Announcement and Clock Systems
• Integrated Hotel Systems
• IP CCTV Systems
• Pass Card Systems, Integrated Elevator Systems
• Turnstile and Barrier Systems
• Decorative Lighting, Facade Lighting
• Electrical Heating Systems (floor heating, roof, duct, ramp and access roads; pipe freeze protection)
• Anti-terror and Security Systems (Road Blocker, Mushroom Barriers , Gate Control, X-ray etc.)

Mechanical Systems
• HVAC Systems
• Heating
• Ventilation
• Water Cooling
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Plumbing
• Chilled Water Systems
• Sewerage Systems
• Storm Water Sewerage System
• Medical Gas Supply Systems
• Fire Prevention Systems
• Automatic Sprinkler Systems
• Fire Cabinet Systems
• Treatment Systems