Industrial Plants & Buildings

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EFOR GROUP provides services in designing and installation of various engineering disciplines, including electrical and mechanical systems, industrial automation and control instrumentation, complying with structural architecture of industrial plants and buildings.

Electrical Systems
• MV/HV/ELV Networks, Power Distribution Systems
• Energy Distribution & Control Systems PLC/SCADA
• Controlled Lighting Systems
a) Interior Lighting
b) Exterior Lighting
c) Facade Lighting
d) Ex-proof & Industrial Lighting
• Industrial Automation Systems
• Pass Card & Personnel Tracking Systems
• Security & CCTV Systems
• Control instrumentation of Fuel Storage and Lines
• Fluid Leakage Detection Systems
• Cathodic Protection
• Heat Tracing Cable Systems
• Grounding & Lightning Protection
• Fire Detection & Fighting Systems (gas , powder, foam fire extinguishing)
• Public Announcement and Clock Systems
• Telecommunication Systems
• Instrumentation & Tubing
• Ex-proof & Stainless Tubing Systems
Mechanical Systems
• HVAC Systems
• Heating
• Ventilation
• Water Cooling
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Plumbing
• Chilled Water Systems
• Sewerage Systems
• Storm Water Sewerage System
• Process Pipes and Pipelines
• Fire Prevention Systems
• Automatic Sprinkler Systems
• Fire Cabinet Systems
• Treatment Systems
• Fuel Lines

EFOR GROUP puts a high value on erection of industrial buildings and has a broad experience in work techniques at hazardous areas, quality assurance, safety engineering and efficient planning for timely handing-over of works. All completed projects were accomplished in time and without any professional accidents that is certified by project completion certificates from Clients.