In its process of project draft and design, EFOR Group uses outstanding capabilities and control of its experienced
engineers and the co-work of its professional partners who are already proven themselves with international
projects they participated.
Founders and core workers harness their experience, knowledge and quality understanding they obtained
throughout working major and international projects and shape their method of work accordingly. The
distribution of duty is based on specializations of each experienced and educaed employee. EFOR has proven
itself to its employers embracing and applying the followings in its project process:
• Control on applicability of design and the project, coordination of units
• Planning and creating an assignment program, recruitment of necessary qualified personnel and distribution of duty.
• Choosing and picking the right equipment for assembly.
• Maintaining occupational safety and discipline
• Presentation of practice to client’s approval via examples and samples
• Execution of commitments according to project timeline
• Obtaining all necessary documentation and presenting them
• Technical support for enterprise during and after delivery of contract.
Besides of electrical and mechanical contracting, EFOR gives consultancy on supervision, engneering, techinal
maintenance and product procurement. Furthermore, EFOR gives consultancy on the following topics to
institutions and companies:
• Project and exploration
• Cost Analysis
• Planning
• Method of statements
• Proposal and Material selection
• Quality control and supervision services
• Documentation work on hand over
• Maintenance after hand over and technical consultancy