Core Values

In today’s global world, the first step to reach universal standards is to embrace quality in every step. While
accomplishing its commitments, EFOR works with a personnel performing with a concience of quality. Quality is
a systematic approach to search for perfection and we always see safety and quality in the first priority while
doing business with our employers.
“Quality is our strategy of overcoming difficulties of maintaining sustainability that leads to productivity..”

Honest and Reliable
We see company interactions as marriages. As in marriages, “trust” is essential for maintaining the relationship
and establishing a healthy work environment. Trust derives from our execution and our reputation for puctiality.
Honesty is the keystone for trust. These principles enables our business with our employers to be carried out
more directly and easly.

EFOR fulfils its commitments in respect for domestic laws, standarts and norms in every project in every country.
On this basis, we continue doing our business never deviating ethics.
EFOR also gives necessary instructions and training to its employees in topics of rules and regulations of the
country they work in.

Respect For Individuals and Cultural Values
Respect for individuals is constituted with improving work methods by respecting all of the employees’ each
personal feats, experiences and ambitions and using them. New ideas and inspirations is born from EFOR
employees’ daily operations and at the same time improving their skills, the synergy of the construction site
emerges. This helps bringing higher quality, productivity and job satisfaction to our contracts. We respect our
employees’ ideas regardless of racial, lingual or religion differences. We respect the local culture as the same
when building across the world and giving service to various nations.

Health, Safety and Environment
No job is ever so urgent or so important that we can’t take the time out to do it safely or environmentally correct.
In our every action, we care the most for occupational health and safety and show an exemplary effort for
eliminating environment pollution. Health, safety and environment management are accepted as essential parts
of our practice among with the following principles;
• Compliance with existing law, national and international standarts
• Regular training to all personnel on environment, health and safety
• Constant reviewing of existing system, improving and enhancing.
• High standarts of environment, health and safety management
• Following up scientific and technological improvements and proper resource management.
• Taking precautions for hazards and work accidents with the help of risk assessment division.
• Giving importance to employees’ health and safety

With these principles, EFOR aims to negate harming environment, maintaining the optimum work environment
for labor health and safety and zero accidents and zero hazards. We are proud of having zero accidents in all of
our projects completed or on going.